5 Reasons Why Young People Should Travel Abroad

5 Reasons Why Young People Should Travel Abroad

In the past, traveling was a reserve of wealthy people and retirees but, the trends have greatly changed today. A pal of mine that owns a San Antonio Seo Agency out in Texas shared with me that many studies show an increasing number of young people are taking up travel. The following are the key reasons why you too should consider traveling abroad when young. 

Traveling Challenges You to Take Risks 

Being used to the same environment and doing the same things over and over no doubt makes you so feel relaxed and comfortable. Traveling gets you out of your comfort zone into unfamiliar situations. Taking such risks can help to enhance your coping mechanisms and become smarter in dealing with different kinds of situations. 

Changes Your World Views 

Despite the impacts of globalization, our views of the world are still greatly shaped by our environments and the people that we interact with daily. Whenever you travel, you are exposed to unique environments and also meet different people. That will give you a new perspective of the world and life in general. 

Traveling enables you to Learn New Skills 

Young people are usually very fast at learning new things and, the best way to do that is by traveling. There is a lot that you can learn when traveling including new languages, survival techniques, and even career skills to improve on your work. You can even decide to take short courses in cooking, winemaking, and other skills that interest you. 

Opportunities for Making New Friends 

When traveling, you have a lot of opportunities for meeting new people including other travelers and locals at your destination. That will not only enable you to expand your social circles but, also make the experience more interesting. 

Teaches You How to Budget 

Many young people often have problems when it comes to managing their expenditures. And, traveling is one way to improve in that area. Traveling teaches you how to budget and spend your money wisely on every trip. The same skills can also be applied to shaping your daily spending habits. 

Traveling is undoubtedly a fun way to experience the world and create lasting memories. So, choose a suitable destination, prepare a good travel plan and take on the road! 

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Traveling Green- What You Should Know

Traveling Green- What You Should Know

Environmental degradation is an issue of international concern. This means that you should travel with the eco-friendly practices that you do at home. Dr. Marco Vinicio of Dental Coto Clinic of Costa Rica, a leader in the green movement shares traveling green can be defined as traveling responsibly. It’s about being attentive to the ecology and treating the environment with respect as you focus on ensuring sustainability of the places you travel to. 

Reduce Waste 

When traveling green, always have these terms in mind- reuse, reduce, and recycle. For instance, invest on a reusable water bottle to avoid buying bottled water wherever you travel. You may not be allowed to go through the airport security carrying bottle full of water. However, you can fill it up after passing security and have it in your handbag or carry-on. 

In addition to using a reusable bottle, you can use reusable shopping bags. You can carry it in the carry one to use it whenever you need a bag. Also avoid buying travel-sized toiletries. Instead, buy reusable travel-sized containers. Fill them up with products that you use back at home like conditioner, shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, and sunscreen. 

Adjust the Air Conditioning or Heat

You don’t have to cool or heat your home if you will be traveling for some days. Doing so wastes energy. Therefore, turn off your thermostat when you travel. Alternatively, adjust the thermostat if you want somebody to be checking on your pet periodically. Just adjust temperature to a level that is livable. 

Minimize Carbon Footprint 

Choose green transportation methods to minimize carbon footprint. For instance, rent a hybrid car when traveling. You can also rent a smaller sized car instead of a guzzler SUV. 

Additionally, choose eco-friendly hotels whenever you travel. These are hotels that encourage guests to preserve the environment. For instance, such hotels encourage guests to use towels severally, turn off water when brushing teeth, and turn off lights when not in use. 

No matter where you intend to travel to, focus on traveling green. This is a good way to play a role in environmental conservation. 

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How to Make Safari Travel Safe and Fun

How to Make Safari Travel Safe and Fun

So, you have decided to go on an African safari. Well, that’s a nice move. But, how do you make your safari travel safe and fun. Nothing can be worse than having an accident or ill health ruin your lifetime safari. Here are tips to help you make your safari safe, fun, and healthy.

Focus on Staying Healthy

Start by booking your safari and knowing where you will be traveling to. Once done with the bookings, visit your doctor for a medical checkup. Get all necessary vaccinations to ensue your health while away. Carry your itinerary when visiting your doctor so that they can know the right vaccinations to give you depending on your travel destination.

Dress for Safety and Health

Dressing right is important for your safety. Therefore, put on and carry appropriate clothing to ensure your safety during the safari. For instance, have clothes that will protect you from insects like mosquitoes. However, make sure that the clothes you wear and carry are culturally respectful. Also avoid white and bright colored clothes because they are difficult to keep clean and they can scare off some animals.

In addition to clothing, carry a hat, hiking boots, sunscreen, eye drops, and sunglasses. Waterproof boots and raincoat are also important when traveling to Africa during a rainy season.

Emphasize on Health

It’s important that you carry iodine tablets, malaria tablets, motion sickness medication, rehydration salts, and anti-diarrhea medication. You will be happy that you carried these if you fall sick. Also carry a hand sanitizer, a reusable water bottle, and tissue packets.

Stay Safe

Most countries in Africa are generally safe. However, you should take precautions when planning your Africa safari. For instance, get adequate travel insurance. Additionally, carry your valuables carefully and don’t behave in ways that tell everyone that you are a tourist. Avoid walking alone at night.

Follow these tips and then focus on enjoying every minute of your safari travel.

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A Guide for Finding Accommodation when Traveling

A Guide for Finding Accommodation when Traveling

Accommodation is generally a basic need for every traveler. Based on Arturo Terrezas of GT Roofing of San Antonio typically, finding accommodation when traveling requires money and planning. You can book accommodation in advance or on the day you travel. If you already have a set itinerary, booking accommodation early is the best option.

Advance Booking

Advance booking gives you peace of mind because you know that you will have a place to sleep upon your arrival. It’s important to note that hotel managers focus on filling rooms and beds. Therefore, advance booking enables you to avoid the hassle of finding accommodation when most hotels are booked fully.

Online Booking

An easy way to find accommodation when traveling is using the internet. Many hotels have websites where they share details of their accommodation and allow travelers to book. There are also travel agencies that allow travelers to book accommodation online. Depending on your travel destination or the agency that you use, this can be very helpful. Therefore, consider online booking especially when traveling to a place that you have not been to before. But, take time to weigh the available options to book accommodation that suits you.


Booking accommodation by email is almost the same as booking online. In this case, you send accommodation providers at your travel destination emails asking whether you can be accommodated on your travel dates. You also ask for updated prices and the available rooms. Reserve a date and request for a confirmation email.


You can also call a provider of accommodation at your travel destination to acquire about the available room and book reservation. Booking accommodation via phone enables you to negotiate for discounts. You also get a chance to inquire about specials. You can find lodgings and hotel listings online by category or name.

On the Travel Day

Another option is to book accommodation the day you travel. If you are yet to decide on a travel package, you can find accommodation upon your arrival. However, you should give this priority to because the cheapest or best hotels tend to fill up quickly. That means looking for accommodation at night can be a challenging or even dangerous experience. In some cases, the experience can be frustrating if you unfamiliar with your travel destination.

Basically, the best option is to find and book accommodation in advance. Follow this guide to easily find and book accommodation when traveling.

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A Guide for Traveling with Depression

A Guide for Traveling with Depression

When traveling with depression, many people expect the problem to disappear once they pack their bags and go out to explore. Traveling provides a great way to handle mental health issues. Engaging in exciting activities, enjoying an amazing weather away from home and viewing gorgeous scenery is a great antidote for depression. However, traveling with depression is generally not that simple. But, the best way to deal with depression is to learn to overcome or cope with it. Here are guidelines to help you when traveling with depression.

Plan Ahead

Come up with exciting plans for your trip. Whether you decide to travel for a year or week, come up with a plan for the trip. It’s also important to plan for the return from the trip. Make sure that you have everything laid out properly to avoid stressful situations that may depress you further.

Have Some Rest Days

When traveling with depression, you need time to break away from adventure. You can spend your rest days lying on a beach or reading books. You may also decide to chat with friends or relatives. Nevertheless, make sure that you have some rest days when traveling.

Keep a Journal

Have a journal that keeps you updated on your feelings. A journal will also enable you to track things that inhibit or help with your happiness. Know what you are grateful for and what makes you happy. Also know what you look forward to every day. Always start each day on a positive note.

Take Care of Yourself

This is very important especially when traveling alone. You can easily follow a routine of sleeping for hours, partying at night and starting a day with a morning jog. But, this is not good for your mental and physical health. To ensure your happiness and overall health improvement, break from your daily routine. Do things differently and focus on things that will enhance your life. Also be attentive to what you eat and do because this will definitely affect your health.

If depressed, try out these guidelines to make your overall experience better!

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Why Students Need to Travel during Semester Breaks

Why Students Need to Travel during Semester Breaks

Semester break is finally here. So, how will spend the 3-month long semester break? Well, most students spend the break doing part-time jobs, internships, school activities, or lazing around. But, some learners spend semester breaks traveling. If you have never spent a semester break traveling, here are some of the reasons to do it.

Relieving Stress

This might sound clichéd. However, it is real. Many students are stressed by school work. As such, a quick getaway during the semester break can do wonders. The idea behind traveling during the semester break is to get away from things that stress you. You want to live a life that doesn’t follow a routine for a while. Traveling provides a great way for students to de-stress.

Escape the Local Climate

Truth is that semester breaks don’t come with the best weather. Semester breaks can be really hot making doing anything almost impossible. Sometimes, December breaks have torrential rains that make participating in outdoor activities a challenge. So, what do you do? Travel to escape the unfavorable local climate.

Students Discount Galore

Traveling during the semester breaks gives you a chance to utilize students’ discounts fully. When students travel during semester breaks, they take advantage of discounts on meals, transport concessions, and movie concessions. Many countries offer concessions for both international and local students. Their goal is to attract more students. Semester break travel enables students to take advantage of these offers.

Exposure and Experience

Traveling during the semester breaks enable students to gain exposure and experience. They meet with other students and people with different cultures. Their interactions with these people give them new perspectives and experiences. It makes them more open-minded and capable of thinking outside the box. This is important for their study goals and personal growth.

If you are a student, travel more often during semester breaks. Semester breaks travel will give you a better experience and enable you to enjoy these and other benefits.

Check out one of my favorite old school travel sites by clicking here.

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Top Five Reasons to Visit New York City This Summer

Ever wondered why everyone claims that they get hooked whenever they travel to NYC? This isn’t one of those cities you visit to have a quiet, low-key break from your busy day-to-day responsibilities. You come to NYC and within no time you have the New York City bug! What does that even mean? Well, New York City is a city for anyone looking for excitement and some real adventure. Summer is a great time to have a family vacation in New York City thanks to the live concerts, outdoor festivals, longer days, and warm temperatures. If you’re not convinced yet, here are top reasons why you should spend this summer in NYC.

Food and Tasty Treats

Where else on earth will you find Thai, Mexican, Vietnamese, Laotian, Indian, Chinese, European, Colombian, and Caribbean food if not in NYC? There’s a good chance you’ll find whatever food you love waiting for you in NYC. Note that the city is an international hot spot and home to some of the World’s best Chefs and signature dishes. You don’t have to be a foodie. There are plenty of tasty treats in NYC!


When it comes to culture, New York City is considered to be a home to citizens from all the continents on the planet. The city is a center of business and immigration and it’s estimated that about thirty six percent of the people living in the city were moved to New York from other countries. You’ll find Asians, Americans, people from the Caribbean, Africa, Latin, and Eastern Europe in the city. The cultural diversity in NYC will open your mind to new experiences.

World-famous Museums and Endless art to see

The moment you arrive in NYC, world-famous museums will be clamoring for your attention. From the Museum of Modern Art to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Whitney and Guggenheim, visitors come here to explore some of the world’s best art. If you’ve always thought of the American history being a little dull, the Museum of National History and the tenement Museum might give you a different perspective.

Dizzying Skyscrapers and Sprawling Parks

If you’re traveling to NYC for the first time and are afraid of heights, don’t worry. Once you get to the top of the Empire State Building, all the worry and fear melts away! Visitors often find the skyscrapers towering either side of the city awe-inspiring and humbling at the same time. The city features gigantic beauties that allow visitors to enjoy spectacular views of New York from any angle. Get to the massive Central Park and walk around with a Starbucks as you enjoy the moment and feel like a true New Yorker. Other attractions include the Grand Central terminal, the Statue of Liberty, the Chrysler Building, Ellis Island, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

The Theater

New York City is renowned for its unparalleled music scene and incredible Broadway shows. It’s hard for any traveler or visitor to come to NYC and lack something that interests them. Perhaps you’re aware of the fact that some of America’s greatest performers and actors grew their careers on a Broadway stage. The talent and entertainment in NYC’s theater district will leave you wanting more. It’s just amazing.

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