So, you have decided to go on an African safari. Well, that’s a nice move. But, how do you make your safari travel safe and fun. Nothing can be worse than having an accident or ill health ruin your lifetime safari. Here are tips to help you make your safari safe, fun, and healthy.

Focus on Staying Healthy

Start by booking your safari and knowing where you will be traveling to. Once done with the bookings, visit your doctor for a medical checkup. Get all necessary vaccinations to ensue your health while away. Carry your itinerary when visiting your doctor so that they can know the right vaccinations to give you depending on your travel destination.

Dress for Safety and Health

Dressing right is important for your safety. Therefore, put on and carry appropriate clothing to ensure your safety during the safari. For instance, have clothes that will protect you from insects like mosquitoes. However, make sure that the clothes you wear and carry are culturally respectful. Also avoid white and bright colored clothes because they are difficult to keep clean and they can scare off some animals.

In addition to clothing, carry a hat, hiking boots, sunscreen, eye drops, and sunglasses. Waterproof boots and raincoat are also important when traveling to Africa during a rainy season.

Emphasize on Health

It’s important that you carry iodine tablets, malaria tablets, motion sickness medication, rehydration salts, and anti-diarrhea medication. You will be happy that you carried these if you fall sick. Also carry a hand sanitizer, a reusable water bottle, and tissue packets.

Stay Safe

Most countries in Africa are generally safe. However, you should take precautions when planning your Africa safari. For instance, get adequate travel insurance. Additionally, carry your valuables carefully and don’t behave in ways that tell everyone that you are a tourist. Avoid walking alone at night.

Follow these tips and then focus on enjoying every minute of your safari travel.